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Rota Centre Caps - High Top

Rota Centre Caps - High Top


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Rota Centre Cap replacements available from us and sold individually.

If you are looking to replenish the look of your worn out wheels then try just replacing the centre caps, this can uplift the wheel quickly and cheaply and gets them ready for show season.

If you are not sure which one you need then just get in touch with us!

Centre caps known as the 'High Top' fits most Rota Wheels with the following exceptions: 16x7" Grids, 15x6.5" Grids, 20" & 16" Grid Off-Roads.


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Make life easier when ordering from Rotashop by speaking to us about tyre packages.

This way the wheels will arrive fitted with tyres, balanced and ready to go.

We work with Nankang plus other brands to get good quality and value.

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