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Rota Wheels Touch Up Paint

Rota Wheels Touch Up Paint


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Touch Up Paint cannot be exported outside the UK

Currently we are unable to ship this outside of the UK, if you order these products and we are unable to send them out we will cancel and refund the cleaning product and send the rest of the order.


Have you been the victim of a pothole?

Did you accidently curb your wheels?

Then look no further, here at Rotashop we have you covered with official Rota touch up paint, this easy to apply paint comes in a handy 30ml pot with a built in brush.

Not sure on what colour you have?

The most ideal way to work out which colour you have is to check the Rota Sticker inside the barrel of the wheel.

The Sticker will indicate the colour you have purchased. indicated by these 4 letters

In the example above, you will see that the code is PCFB. This stands for Flat Black.
Here are the codes of the wheels that we can supply touch up paint for.
PCBZ = Bronze
PCGM = Gunmetal
PCFB = Flat Black
PCPG = Gold
PCSG = Steel Grey
PCWH = White
PCYB = Gloss Black
PCPS = Silver
PCMB = Matt Bronze

Paint can vary over the years so please do get in touch if you are unsure
please test the paint in a inconspicuous area first before applying to the face of the rim.
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Need Tyres?

Make life easier when ordering from Rotashop by speaking to us about tyre packages.

This way the wheels will arrive fitted with tyres, balanced and ready to go.

We work with Nankang plus other brands to get good quality and value.

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